What is Internet Banking?

It is a system to manage their bank accounts via the WEB-browser over the Internet. With the system , you can:
• Monitor the status of their accounts and credit cards , loans and deposits in real time and carry out transactions between them;
• Obtain an extract of any one of the accounts and cards for any period , and documents on payments and transfers;
• Pursue the purchase and sale of foreign currency at a favorable bank rate ;
• To perform the standard payments ( mobile phone, TV commercial , internet , utilities, and much more) in -line ;
• the transfer is made to the bank account to another bank ;

Safe to access my account online?

The system uses all modern means of information protection.
• Protocol SSL - authentication WEB- server (, encryption and integrity control connection between the client and the server WEB- bank.
• Proof of documents one-time password , send a SMS to a mobile phone
• Proof of documents digitally signed using USB- token
• Call the Customer via SMS to the mobile phone of the transactions made by online bank .

How to connect internet bank for private individuals ?

In order to connect the Internet bank , you must : turn to whenever you like Bank branch , choose the tariff plan , contract for connection to the Internet banking system .

How to connect the choice of tariff plan , which implies the use of only SMS- confirmation documents:

• you tell the bank your mobile number (up to 3 rooms) .
• The bank sends you an account on the Internet banking system ( login) and initial password that is sent to your mobile phone by SMS .
• You go to the website, enter the login, password, and initial one-time password sent to your cell phone by SMS .
• When you first enter the system requires replacing your original password on the Long-term password , which is set by you and only you know .
• Thus , the daily algorithm login is this: you enter a site, enter the login, password Long-term and one-time password sent to your cell phone by SMS . The system is ready for operation.

How to connect the choice of tariff plan , which implies the use of SMS- confirmation documents and electronic signature using a USB- token :
• Install additional software with USB- token :
• Install the Java site If you have a 64- bit version of Windows, you must install and 32x and 64x bit version of Java on the instructions from the site
• In the Java Control Panel ("c: \ Program Files \ Java \ jre7 \ bin \ javacpl.exe") on the Security tab set the Security Level ( Security Level ) - Medium ( Medium )
• Install Driver USB- token that matches your operating system from the developer Intrenet bank
• Perform the steps in the algorithm " To connect the choice of tariff plan , which implies the use of only SMS- confirmation documents" (see above).
• Log on to the system. Log in Settings \ Key Management ES . Run the generation of the digital signature key on the steps of the proposed system , print, electronic signature key certificate in duplicate , fill out the missing information by hand , sign, submit to the bank to check .
• After successful registration key you will get an SMS message . The system is ready for operation.


Closed bank's website , go to the client as a bank ?

Sign in iBank2 is highly recommended to do a set in the browser address, and not, as the site is not protected by SSL certificate and can be tampered with by hackers on the Internet.

Why in the Client- Bank I do not see an excerpt from the opening of my account?

In the Client- Bank you can see your bank statements for the three years preceding the date of the client connection to the system, but not before the date of account opening.

How often is the key change of the electronic signature in Internet banking system ?

The key period is set by the Bank of EPO in the certificate signature key . For 30 days before the confluence of the key, and you will be sent an SMS with the reminder " Before the end of the license period remaining N days." A new key can be generated VC client and registered before the expiration of the previously active key.

Do not come SMS, although I came .

If you do not come SMS, although I have come , you must:

• Check that you are connected to the correct site
• Once again click " Send password by SMS» on the login page .
• Remove all old on the phone SMS, restart the phone , ask for the password by SMS.
• Move the SIM card in another phone, request a password by SMS.
• Contact your technical support online banking .

How to withdraw the document.

Document (ruble, translation of their bills, etc. ..) responds to the bank letter (Mail menu \ Work), while in the text of the letter doslzhny be given details of the document (date, number, amount) and the phrase "I beg to withdraw the document."